Best Practices in Offshore Delivery Management

Offshore software development has been popular among leading tech firms as well as enterprises. Businesses use offshore development centres (ODCs) to save cost and take advantage of already existing development environment and infrastructure.

In addition to the cost-effectiveness, offshore development also opens a tech firm to new innovations as they work with an altogether different team. There is also a boost in production as the offshore team is dedicated to delivering projects goals without the usual hassles within an internal setup. There will also be a clear in shift in the organizational culture as the team collaborates with an offshore team belonging to a different culture.

However, to ensure that the project runs smoothly, and the solution is delivered within time, there are some best practices to be followed. This list of actionable items will help you ensure the business goal of your project is easily accomplished.

Set Clear Goals for the Offshore Team

With the development team working from a remote location, they will not have the same business insights and visibility as you. So, it is important for a project manager to clearly define goals before kicking off a project and follow it up throughout the implementation and later phases. There must be clarity in communicating the goals and no window of doubt.

Know the Offshore Resources You Want

You’ll find several offshore development companies who can act as your extended development arm. However, if you want to align your project with your business goals, you’ll have to select the right team. Be clear about the resources you need and don’t need. Look for exact skillsets you need while setting up an offshore software development team.

Move Quick with a Lean Offshore Development Team

Don’t go overboard while building your team and try to build a huge team. One of the positives of having a smaller development team is the ability to quickly complete sprint cycles and deliver products without being entangled in project bureaucracies and red tapes. So, have only those resources that you really need and manage it well for offshore development success. This will also have a positive impact on flexibility.

Task Transparency across the Development Team

All members of the development team both internal and offshore should have clear visibility of the tasks. One way to improve transparency is to involve the offshore team in requirement documentation. This facilitates a better understanding and coordination within the overall development team. In addition, the remote team would already have gained critical project knowledge to carry out implementation without requiring micro-level guidance from your internal team.

Bridge the Language Barrier between Onshore and Offshore

You need to set up strong communication lines and part of that effort is ensuring there is no message lost in translation. There needs to be functional and technical resources in the onsite team who can speak the languages and dialects of the offshore team. There also needs to be established a sort of comfort level where the offshore and onshore team can put forth questions without hesitating.

A 24/7 Development Cycle is Must

Ensure that your offshore development partner is deeply committed to a 24/7 development cycle because you cannot cut slack. When you need the team to stay up and ensure there is no downtime or fix a random outage, you need people who will do it no matter what. This goes for the support teams such as project management, technical architects, and solution experts.

Build a Knowledge Repository from Day 0

Even before the project implementation begins, you will need to work on creating a secure knowledge bank where all documentation is stored. Key to making this useful is by ensuring accessibility for both onsite and offshore teams. Keep it formal and ensure there’s proper record of people accessing it as well as contributing to it.

These are just some of the best practices to be followed to ensure a healthy offshore delivery management. There are also several areas where a company could look at to improve their offshore team management as well as productivity. If you are looking for an offshore development team in India that follows all these best practices, get in touch with Emertail.