Uncompromised quality with remote teams

Cultivating new ideas

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Code Quality

We follow high standards while writing codes, which is again reviewed by tech leads and architects.

Communication Quality

Regular sync-ups with latest tools like Slack, Jira, Trello etc. Excellent verbal and written English.

Hiring Quality

Multiple code tests, followed by F2F discussions and assignments result in production-ready team on-boarding.

Training Quality

Rigorous bootcamps with multiple trainings on various technologies, client management, time management etc.

Emertail Maintains Quality Development

How Emertail maintains Quality in Offshore development

Multiple code reviews before merge

Code is always reviewed by different team members & leadership members before it gets merged

Leader dashboards

Leadership dashboard helps us to monitor the activities and tasks, and productivity of each team member.

Regular client feedback sessions

Regular sync ups with client’s advocates and leadership team to monitor and improve quality.